Within our group, all children are supported in developing to their full potential at their own pace. All children are designated a keyworker, who is responsible for ensuring that the needs of your child are met. The keyworker maintains records of the child’s development and works together with the parent to ensure that all children are supported in reaching their full potential. This system enables a planned curriculum tailored to the needs and interests of the individual child.

By means of a developmentally appropriate activity revolving around play and a high level of adult support, we offer a curriculum which is fun and aids your child in making progress towards achieving the Early Learning goals as set out by the Government, by the end of their Early Years Foundation Stage (the end of reception year or age 5 approx).

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has undergone some changes recently to how it is made up.  Due to a review carried out by Dame Claire Tickell in 2011, it has now been split into Prime and Specific areas; these are:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Physical Development





Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design



Ofsted paid us a visit for our latest inspection on 27/11/14, the inspector looked at all aspects of the provision and the inspection outcome was ‘GOOD’.

We were made aware during the feedback from the inspector that this was a very good, GOOD and that no immediate actions were necessary.

Some of the comments made were:

  • All children are happy and relaxed and make good progress, due to the positive
    relationships they form with their key person, other staff and each other.
  • Staff know the children very well and ensure children’s safety and well-being to a high
  • There is a strong partnership with parents and carers which enables staff to ensure
    they meet children’s individual interests and needs.
  • Staff are passionate about children’s care and learning and the leadership and
    management team is effective in bringing about improvement.

The reasoning that we were given to explain why we were not yet outstanding is:

  • Although the outdoor area is well resourced, it is not offered to children as part of their
    free play activities. This means children do not get the benefit of choosing learning in
    the outdoors as much as they could.
  • Not all staff use open-ended questioning confidently to challenge children to think
    critically and develop their ideas.

We would like to thank all our staff, parents and Committee Members for all their hard work and efforts in gaining this outcome.  Mrs Rees and Sarah are very pleased with this result, to gain the ‘GOOD’ outcome is a fantastic achievement in relation to the OFSTED inspection criteria.  The criteria has changed over the last 4 years and has become much harder for provisions to gain this outcome.

Please click here to view our latest Ofsted Report:

Our Ofsted registration prior to merging with Lympsham Church of England Academy was EY390887

Our current Ofsted registration as part of Lympsham Church of England Academy is 143330

After our next Ofsted inspection we will be included on the First Schools report under the Early Years Provision section.