Please do not bring your child to Pre-School if s/he has been ill (Diarrhoea or Vomiting) in the previous 48 hours, or has any infectious disease. As well as infecting the other children, you may put the Pre-School staff at risk.

If your child has an open wound, please ensure it is fully covered, before bringing them to Pre-School. Pre- School staff are bound by the current regulations issued by social services and may not be able to treat the wound.


Security is, of course, of paramount importance to us and with this in mind we request all parents sign the register which is placed in the entrance with details including a contact telephone number and, most importantly, the name of the person collecting your child that day. Your child will not be given to anyone other than the named person unless you have telephoned or notified us in writing first.

We ask all parents to make sure that they have shut both gates at the entrance to the Pre-school.  The main gate is on a time lock and may need holding until it locks properly.  This is to ensure that no-one can enter pre-school premises without the consent of pre-school staff.