Settling into Pre School

Settling into Pre-School

The First Days

A child who is tense or unhappy will not play or learn, so it is important for parents and Pre-School staff to work together to help the child feel confident and secure in the group. For most children this will be the first time they have been left with strangers. Every child is different – some will just wave goodbye – others find leaving mum or dad difficult, so it is a good idea for you both to come into Pre-School for a visit before your child starts.  We offer 2 settling in sessions, free of charge, for your child to get to know the staff and the other children before their start date. (Please contact the Pre-school staff for more details).

What to wear

In order to explore and experience all the activities we offer, which include many messy or wet activities, it is best to send children dressed in old, easily washable and removable clothes. Aprons are provided, but accidents do happen. Simple clothing, which they can handle themselves, will enable them to go the toilet without help and develop their independence. The Pre-School staff especially request children are not sent in dungarees and that coats and jumpers, etc are clearly labelled and that, where possible,  shoes with Velcro fastenings are worn. A range of printed Pre-School T-shirts, sweatshirts and sun hats are available for purchase. An order form is available from Pre-School. Please make sure that your child has a pair of either daps or slippers which can be worn in the play area and wellies for outdoor play. These items must be named and can be left at the pre-school.  We also offer PE and ask that you provide your child with shorts, t-shirt and daps that can be kept in a named bag in pre-school.