Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer

Early Years Education Provider Name:  Lympsham Pre-School, Lympsham Road, Lympsham, BS24 0DN

Ofsted Unique Reference Number:  143330

Confirmation that co-production has taken place with parents, carers, stakeholders:  YES

Local offer submitted by:

Name:  Paula Adderley

Date:  18/8/14  Review date: 14/11/17

Signature:  Paula Adderley


What is the Local Offer?

The Children and Families Bill (2013) outlines the government’s plans to require local authorities to publish information on services and provision across education, health and social care for children and young people aged 0 – 25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The purpose of a local offer is to enable parents and carers to see more clearly what services are available for children with SEND in their area and how to access them. The process extends to early years settings and all the information below forms our local offer and shows how we have, for many years, provided for children with special educational needs and disabilities.


How does Lympsham Pre-School know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

Initial parent/carer appointments for all prospective parent/carers take place with the pre-school’s Supervisor or Deputy.  This can be where any queries or concerns may be raised.

During these appointments a registration and Early Years Entry Form will be provided in order to gain valuable information regarding your child.


Settling in sessions are offered to each child before commencing their learning journey at Lympsham Pre-School.  Each child will be treated as a unique individual and will be allocated a keyworker.  Their role is to develop trusting sensitive relationships with parents and children to enable respectful sharing of information.  If you have any concerns about your child’s development you can ask for a time when you can discuss this in private with the keyworker or Supervisor/Deputy.

Alternatively, you can discuss this in private with the dedicated SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) – Miss Paula Adderley.


For those children who have already identified special educational needs/disabilities a pre-school entry plan meeting will be made available to you – this may include parents/carers, keyworker, SENCOand any other agencies involved.


All children attending the pre-school are monitored and observed in line with the

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). A 2 year old development check is carried out at the pre-school which should coincide with the 2 year old health check carried out by your health visitor between the ages of 2 and 3.  The developmental check is carried out in the 3 prime areas of development, these are:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development.

This report will then be shared with you (the parent/carer) and any concerns regarding development will be discussed with your child’s keyworker and the SENCO.


Paula Adderley (SENCO) will offer support and advice to your child’s keyworker and any other staff in our setting.  She will also liaise with other professionals to seek advice and support in identifying individual needs if necessary.


How will Early Years setting staff support my child?

All sessions that your child attends will be agreed upon entry to the Setting with the pre-school Supervisor/Deputy.  Depending on your child’s individual needs this may take place in conjunction with the SENCO.


The SENCO will liaise with you and any outside agencies involved and the Key worker in order to monitor your child’s progress.  Individual support plans or behaviour plans are drawn up in consultation with all who are involved with your child.


The amount of support is tailored to fit the individual needs of your child.  One-to-one assistance or small group work can be arranged if relevant to your child’s needs.

The assigned key worker will work with your child to implement the next steps in order to aid their development.


The SENCO and Key worker are always available to explain the support plan for your child.


Lympsham Pre-School will work in a child centred manner to create a holistic approach towards the development of your child.  This will include working closely with other agencies in relation to your child.  These may include;

  • Health workers
  • Social care workers
  • Area SENCO
  • Educational specialists
  • Speech and Language
  • Other pre-school settings
  • Parents/Carers.


Your child will have a portfolio compiled by their key worker; this gives a written and pictorial record of the learning journey through their time at Lympsham Pre-School.


How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

Lympsham Pre-School will endeavour to involve your child, enabling them to make choices and engage in activities/experiences that are of interest to them.  Through on-going observations and knowing your child we will have a clear understanding of what your child likes and their level of involvement.

Your child’s key worker will use these observations to plan activities for your child as deemed appropriate to their level of development.  This will then be regularly reviewed in order to ensure the relevance to your child’s on-going development.


We will create support within the environment by using a range of tools such as the use of a visual timetable, STC support cards, food choice board and daily choice board to support your child to understand as much as possible.  Daily activities can be adapted to meet your child’s individual needs.  Planning meetings (attended by all key workers) will also help towards your child’s individual needs as activities will be tailored to their interests and abilities.


The SENCO will aim to seek additional training for staff, if appropriate, to meet your child’s needs.


How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

Assessment systems are in place such as the 2 year old progress check and learning journey which are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) ages and stages of development.

Parent/carer appointments are held twice a year to update you on your child’s progress and personal reports are carried out for your child each term.


Each keyworker plans for their weekly activities based on the individual child’s targets and needs.  Home link diaries are also completed by the key workers to inform you of what your child has taken part in whilst at pre-school.


Our open-door policy means you are always welcome to tell us how your child is doing on a daily basis and provide ongoing 2 way communication between us.


Review meetings will be held as necessary to discuss your child’s support plan targets and how your child can be supported as an ongoing process.  This may involve SENCO, key worker, outside agencies and parent/carer.


If your child should leave us to attend another setting then a transition form will be completed to inform the new setting of their level of development and any other relevant paperwork will be provided to them with consent from parent/carer.


Newsletters are sent home on a regular basis to keep you up to date with what is happening at Lympsham Pre-School.


What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

Our practitioners are welcoming and friendly, providing an inclusive, sensitive and positive approach.


Practitioners provide good role models for positive behaviour and are consistent in the day-to-day care of all our children. Should your child display unwanted behaviour we will work with you and your child to provide a consistent and planned approach to improve behaviour.


Personal health care plans will be provided to you and will be monitored by our dedicated First Aid Practitioner (Sarah Leather) and staff will be trained in giving the appropriate medication for your child if required.  Should your child require regular prescribed medication then a member of staff will be responsible for the administering of this and you will be required to fill out and sign a ‘medication administered form’.  All staff are trained in first aid and Epi-pen administration. All medication is stored in a secure place. A record book is kept of all medications held and dosage, time of administration is recorded and signed by you.

Activities will be adapted to ensure your child is able to interact fully with their environment, and visual strategies-such as a visual time table and the use of music can be used to help them understand our routines.


The book corner provides a safe, quiet area to retreat to if your child is tired or needs some quiet time to themselves.


The pre-school is able to undertake personal care such as nappy changing.


All staff are CRB checked, and regularly updated with safeguarding training. The

Pre-School policies include child protection, anti-bullying and special educational needs.


You may not use photographic devices unless all other parents and carers have

given their consent.


Lympsham Pre-School has 2 named safeguarding officers who undertake regular safeguarding training, these are:

Mrs Rees (Supervisor)

Mrs Sarah Leather (Deputy Supervisor).


Allergy and dietary information is posted in the kitchen area to inform all staff, this is regularly updated by the First Aid practitioner (Sarah Leather).


What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the Early Years setting?

The members of staff all have a wealth of experience and have undergone training to various levels in Early Years Care and Education.


The SENCO (Paula Adderley) is qualified to level 6 (Degree level) and has trained in STC (Somerset Total Communication).  She has also undertaken regular training to update her skills and knowledge relevant to her role as SENCO.


We will work alongside the specialist services involved with your child and they are welcome to visit the pre-school. The SENCO and key worker are also available to attend any meetings that take place relevant to your child.  Working closely with you and your child will enable us to build stronger relationships and understand your support needs better.


What training are the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?

Training is undertaken to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills as the need arises.


The members of staff all have a wealth of experience and have undergone training to various levels in Early Years Care and Education.


The SENCO (Paula Adderley) is qualified to level 6 (Degree level) and has trained in STC (Somerset Total Communication).  She has also undertaken regular training to update her skills and knowledge relevant to her role as SENCO.


All staff will work closely with you and outside agencies to learn specific skills to

support children with additional needs.


Staff training records are held on file and relevant training can be viewed on request.


How will my child be included in activities outside Lympsham Pre-School?

All children are welcome to attend trips. We will endeavour to include parents/ carers in the planning of the visit to identify the needs of your child. If necessary, we can prepare a photo book for your child so they know what to expect on the visit, and invite all parents to join us on our trip.


A risk assessment would be carried out prior to the visit.


We would also take along any aids or medication – along with consent forms, that your child may need.


All visits or trips would be planned to include all of our children.


How accessible is Lympsham Pre-Schools environment (indoors and outdoors)?

If you are a parent/carer who has English as an additional language, we can access EAL services through Somerset County Council to advise us accordingly.


We have one disabled toilet with wheelchair access and our doors leading out to the garden are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  The garden is flat in most areas and suitable for all children to access.


Signs, posters and pictures can be translated or use dual languages.


Visual cues will be used to support understanding.


We can explain the limitations of the building and would be willing to make reasonable adaptations to existing resources to ensure all children can access them, if possible.


Lympsham Pre-School is made up of one large play area with toileting facilities, kitchen and quiet room, veranda area leading off of this.  All areas are accessible to all children of differing abilities.


How will Lympsham Pre-School prepare and support my child to join the pre-school or transfer to a new setting?

We will assign a key person before your child joins us for his/her settling in sessions.


We also offer 2 free settling in sessions where you can stay for part of the session, and offer a flexible settling in period, if your child is having difficulties settling in.


We can provide a photo book for your child to have at home to become familiar with their key person, the routine of the session and activities being offered.


This also gives us the chance to get to know you and your family, and provides the opportunity for you to share with us details of your child’s needs and the involvement of other agencies, and agree with you a consistent approach to ensure the continuity of care for your child. This can also be done in a meeting before your child starts if you prefer.


We will meet with other professionals, Team around Child or Multi-Disciplinary meeting e.g. health care professionals to put in place transition planning/health care plan, or to seek relevant training before your child starts.


If your child should attend another setting whilst with us or leave to go to another setting we are available to attend meetings with your child’s new key person/teacher and SENCO to attend sessions with your child to help them become familiar with them and to discuss your child’s strengths and needs.  We also ask for a sharing information form to be completed in order for us to be able to talk/visit the other setting involved with your child’s care.


We will hold a transition meeting at your convenience, to plan transition for your child into their new setting or school, giving the new setting time to make necessary plans for any changes they may need to make, sharing targets on your child support plans, and minutes of review meetings along with any other information that may be relevant to your child. A school entry plan may also be need to completed to ensure a smooth transition for your child.


It may also be possible to arrange for your child’s key person to attend settling in sessions at your child’s new setting with them, to help promote a smooth transition.


All necessary documentation will be passed onto the receiving setting/school. The learning journey will be passed onto the parents.


How are Lympsham Pre-School’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

Inclusion funding can be applied for from Early Years to support your child in our setting.  We have resources in place to assist in low level support for each child, additional funding support may be available as each child’s needs are assessed on an individual basis.  Resources would be allocated as required.


We can also apply for discretionary funding for 1:1 support, if this is deemed necessary by our SENCO and other relevant agencies.  This may not, however, be forthcoming.


How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

Through the observation process linked to the EYFS ages and stages of development, and in discussion with you, the key person, the Supervisor and SENCO will identify what support is required.

Extra support will be put in place if necessary with the aim of enabling your child to become independent within the environment and to reach their full potential.


Ongoing partnerships with you, other professionals if they are involved, and ourselves will support the discussion making process.


Our SENCO will give advice on meeting your child’s needs within the pre-school in consultation with you and other professionals where necessary with your permission.


Our SENCO will advise you on the process of applying for extra support and will complete this process keeping you informed at each stage.


Reports from health care professionals and other professionals, who are working with your child, will be used to plan support within the setting.


Other professionals working with our SENCO will support the decision making process to plan targets on the support plan. The individual support plan will be written with you and will include how you can support your child at home.


Staff meetings within the setting will ensure all staff working with your child know your child’s strengths and needs and how to support them.


How are parents involved at Lympsham Pre-School? How can I be involved?

You are involved in identifying needs, information sharing, identifying targets and next steps to focus on at home and in the setting and in reviewing progress towards these targets at individual support plan review meetings.


We have an open door policy at the pre-school and will always listen to views of our parents.  Lympsham Pre-School actively seeks our parent’s views and opinions by offering questionnaires to be completed and returned.


Your permission will be sought before involving outside agencies.


You are welcome to become involved in fundraising (this does not have to be on a regular basis) or being a member of our fundraising team known as FOLS.











Who can I contact for further information?

If you wish to discuss your child’s needs prior to starting you will need to contact either Mrs Rees (Supervisor) or Sarah Leather (Deputy Supervisor).


You are welcome to discuss concerns or progress with your child’s key worker, the Supervisor/Deputy or Paula Adderley (SENCO) at any time.


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