Special Needs

Lympsham Preschool aims to have regard to the DfEE Code of Practice on special educational needs and also to the guidelines supplied by private and voluntary providers of preschool education.  We aim to provide welcome and appropriate learning opportunities for all children.

  • Children with special needs are admitted to the preschool after consultation between parents, preschool supervisor and keyworker.
  • Our aim is to provide for the developmental needs of each child in the group.
  • All children in the group, irrespective of their special needs, are encouraged wherever possible and appropriate to participate in all the groups activities.
  • Our systems of detailed observation and record-keeping, operates in conjuction with parents, enabling us to monitor childrens needs and progress on an individual basis, to be able to differentiate learning/resources activities use or S.T.C.

We aim to work closely with parents and other professionals in order to bring about the best possible progression for any child within the preschool.